Sporus (series), 2022
3D rendered prints


In the “Sporus” series, I use prosthetics taken from the impression of my body to create undulating botanical compositions with tactile affect. Inspired by the trans Roman Empress Sporus, I ponder mortality and the body, referencing internal microbiomes, eroticism, and decay. The series encompasses ornamental mandela-like compositions with soft gradations of color. Fingers reach out to touch fingers and weightless, fleshy tentacles curl and mingle.  The prosthetics in "Sporus" were made by 3D modeling botanical facial prosthetics, 3D printing them, using these prints to make larger impression molds, and then casting them in silicone. I then attached these casts to a mesh bodysuit before 3D scanning and modeling the suit back into digital space. It's a hybrid artifact of transformation between digital and analog that physicalizes and reifies technology as an incubator providing queer people a space to perform different modes of gender, sexuality, and desire. These synthetic referents of nature carrying the contours of my body disintegrate and reconstruct traces of my form into the landscape. I painstakingly arrange each piece and light the compositions to cultivate softness and tenderness in the face of endangered mortality. The mutability of bodies in digital space provokes comparison to a patriarchal tradition of iconographic immortality. "Sporus" comes from the Greek word "to sow" meaning her name jokingly referenced her “passive” acceptance of semen and castration. Castration counteracts stable identification with patriarchal views of the self, however mutability of trans bodies connects to an un-monumental form of immortality through a reconnection with embodied matter. In digital matter, the vitality of our presence or trace is reflected in digital space by other selves and our selves are in turn created by this reflection. I see the representation of the queer body as a type of camouflage or opacity, reflecting a uniquely personal time and space behind the coded performance of gender.

SporusGAN, 2022
Latent space walk