Aura, 2021

Live motion-tracking installation

In "Aura", I was commissioned to create an immersive, interactive experience for Flutter Experience in Los Angeles. Together we came up with a concept of a room that reads your aura based on your creative energy. Because I was given the final room in the gallery walkthrough, I wanted to reference the cycle of life and death. I was inspired by mushrooms as decomposers and the way that they create new life out of death, so I made a series of 3D modeled spores and animated them. I used these animations with a series of feedback loops to create abundant, decorative, fungal patterns which are randomly generated with variations in color and shape based on the movements of the room occupants. These auras are then projected on the bodies of the viewers using an infrared sensor to track their movement. Finally, I made a soundscape using my voice, natural sounds, and Eb Maj chords to give the room a feeling of serenity.

Photos by Brian Moran at Flutter Experience