Hierophant, 2018

mixed media installation/performance

In "Hierophant", I used the iconography of a card from the major arcana of the tarot deck to express my discomfort in the sacrifices expected to take part in patriarchy, comparing the institution of academia to religion. I appropriated the symbol of the Hierophant because of previous abuse suffered due to my queerness at the hands of religious leaders in my family and environment. The idea that a man can profess to such power on Earth has always been of interest to me due to my insight into the facade of public vs. private behavior. The diamonds are symbolic of the trinity and the aphorism, "As above, so below." The card is symbolic of self-denial in the pursuit of gaining access to an institution such as a university or church. Inspired by the films "The Fountain" and "Tree of Life", I used organic special effects techniques when filming the visuals but edited them with After Effects. I laser cut the papal ferula (rod) out of plexi-glass, with three tiers (trinity), to create a material and symbolic link between the diamonds and myself.